Monday 5 December 2011

Bricks Sewing

Bricks sewing Bricks sewingBricks sewing Bricks sewing

When I cut out the fabric for my zip purses I wanted to make them big enough to hold pens and pencils as well as lego bricks and other treasures. And I based the size on the fat quarters that I sell in my shop, in case you want to make them too! They make wonderful quick and simple Christmas sewing projects and can be combined with a treasure inside, like a Lego mini figure or two.

You can cut four panels (10.25 x 6.5 inches) from a FQ and still have a 5 inch strip at the bottom (but more on that later!). This will make two purses if you are using a different fabric for the interior like me or one purse, outer and lining. The zips are 25cm length (10inch) from my stash. This is still my favourite zipper purse tutorial here, the zip is attached to outer and inner in one seam which I love.

The large bricks I lined with calico. I like the idea of a hard wearing lining in these purses as I wanted to make sure them sturdy enough for everyday use. The smaller bricks pattern is backed with interfacing and lined with a lighter cotton in a spotty print. I like the idea of a fun lining and the interfacing gives a nice structure to the purse.

And those offcuts you ask, well I cut them into 5 inch squares, you get four from a FQ after you've cut the zip purse panels, and then somehow found myself cutting more and more in matching fabrics, and sewing them together to make a baby quilt/playmat. Here's a quick instagram pic of the first blocks. A baby is due in our extended family in January and it feels great to have this present nearly made before I go away. More pics tomorrow. I couldn't stop sewing over the weekend, its so nice to have such a small quilting project as it goes so quickly. I just have the binding to go.

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  1. so colourful. what a great idea to take some lego away on would be easy to find in the suitcase!


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