Thursday 2 February 2012

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These last two weeks have seen my brother's family, and then my sister and her boy staying, and so we have managed to squeeze every drop of fun from these holidays! My kids have gone happily back to school this week too and we've been lucky with classes and teachers and classmates, so that's a relief. I hope the new school year started well for everyone else going back and especially for the little people starting out :-)

Taking advantage of all this space and quiet I made a trip yesterday to Remnant Warehouse to get some more basic white quilting fabric and to take advantage of their range of tempting precut fat quarters. So hard to choose! I've decided to make a girlier quilt for darling little Poppy who arrived five weeks early on Christmas Day and I'm having fun mixing and matching fabrics and choosing colours. This one will have lots of Flower Press fabrics in it just like the baby quilt I made late last year (can you pick the nine flower press prints in this pic above?). I'm dreaming of different quilting designs though and trying to settle on just one.

I have some new fabrics going up into the shop this week, yardage which turned up during the holidays. I have good stock of the larger format Blue Marbles fabric which I used in my Pillowcase tutorial. I've bought some for myself to make a duvet cover for Mr J. The boys adore their marble pillowcases and they haven't been off their beds since I made them, and those lego pencil cases have travelled everywhere this summer and went off to school on Monday. Don't you love it when your handmade objects become part of life and not just left on a shelf. I do.

Another creative pursuit I'm joining in this month is a #febphotoaday on Instagram. Today's theme is 'words', which I love, here's my contribution, my bookshelf, above. More creatives here.


  1. That is a lovely combinations of colours and fabrics!

  2. Picking fabrics is such fun isn't it! Can't wait to see the design you choose for these lovelies. I do so love that teapot and those vases too. :)

  3. Ohhh just look at all those fabrics!!!

  4. Your fabrics are like a candy shop Susie! Love looking at them... and those ceramics had me drooling :) Glad all has gone well with the return to school. Kx

  5. Ahhh! The fabrics are a soothing balm to all the back to school craziness. So many possibilities there. : ) My little preppy starts tomorrow (gulp!) - glad your back to school went well, gives me heart. x Alisa

  6. Yes doesn't it feel good when your handmade gifts are actually used and appreciated. Looking forward to seeing this new quilt you've pulled out those fun and bright fabrics for.


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