Thursday, 9 February 2012

my creative space - wip

wip wipwipwip

Skating in late with my creative space today. Here's a peek at something I started on a whim the other day when I was cutting squares for my baby quilt. Its a larger quilt, a work in progress that I can cut pieces for as the mood strikes. I'll be back to show you more when I get a bit further. The pattern goes by the apt name of Wonky Stars, which certainly sounds like my kind of quilting! I've been playing with my button collection too for #febphotoaday on Instagram (I'm @flowerpress). The other day the subject was button, which is right down my street!

I've still been cooking a bit too. Don't you love that bananas are cheap again. I actually had overripe bananas the other day to make banana bread with. This recipe is a winner. Only problem is I should have made more, just a few lasted long enough to get cool and they were snaffled in school lunches.

I must apologise again for being an absent blogger this year, I'm still catching up after the holidays (and I took the day off to have lunch with friends today, hence the figs!) I really am hoping to get back here more regularly soon.


  1. Fabulous quilt pattern choice there! The white balances so nicely with the colours and patterns. Also feeling envious about those buttons. I can't help but want to rummage through them! :)

  2. Love all of these photos!
    Especially those buttons - wow!x

  3. I love the Wonky Stars! i look forward to seeing how it turns out - wonderful colour/pattern choices.
    I'm afraid we went so long without bananas that they all seem to get devoured the first day, never making it to a cake these days. Do love a good banana cake though.

  4. Love the stars! Thanks for the banana bread link - was just thinking I need to do something with out overripe ones.

  5. ha ha ha .. wonky stars sound like my kind of quilting too!! Love all the fabrics and colours together.. it's going to look lovely :)

  6. I remember the joke about how you could tell who the rich kids were at school as they still had bananas in their lunchboxes.


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