Monday 20 February 2012

party time

party partypartyparty

I've been meaning to drop in here for the last few days to tell you that tomorrow, Tuesday, sees the first in this year's Show & Tell interviews!!! So exciting! For those of you who don't know the series, each month I interview an inspirational Australian blogger. The interviews are always fascinating, I love finding out more about each person and I invariably find myself smiling and nodding along as they talk about life and work and making, and I always come away inspired by their creativity.

This is the third year of Show & Tell (isn't that amazing?!) and I've got a really inspiring blogger to kick off the year. This blogger is multi-talented, she's funny, she's crafty, she's nice, she's inspiring, she shares lots of clever stuff and well... you better come back and read a bit more about her tomorrow!

In other news we had our first teenage party! Aren't we brave?! Luckily the weather played nice and we had a backyard full of lovely big kids eating, drinking and talking as the sun went down and later a couple of sleepover guests. It was fun, it was exhausting. We all collapsed in a heap on Sunday in our lovely clean house and ate leftover cupcakes and drank endless cups of tea!

Oh and somewhere in there I made plum jam too, with this easy recipe:
I do love a row of jars full of homemade jam, makes me feel very domestic goddess ;-)


  1. Yummy! plum jam!!! The party cup cakes look delish too! xox

  2. Teenage party freaks me out! It all looks like you did great, though. Happy birthday

  3. Well done for braving a teenage party - parties for the littlest are exhausting enough!
    I hadnt seen your Show & Tell posts before so just went to have a look at some old ones - they look great & I'm really looking forward to reading new ones.

  4. Oh I missed this post somehow! Love the shots and well done, you have a teenager! Teenagers get a bad rap but really they are sweethearts. Looks like a fun party..well done mumma xo


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