Sunday 5 August 2012



The other day I came across a big Giveaway on Cloud9 Fabrics giving ten winners their choice of 2 yards of fabric, cut from past and present collections. I'm a big fan of this little company which produces organic quilting fabrics, often commissioning artists and independent designers to produce guest collections. Some of the artists I admire who have designed ranges include owner Michelle Engel Blenckso, Heather Moore from Skinny Laminx, Julia Rothman, Gennine Zlatkis and Kayanna Nelson from JuneCraft.

So despite the fact I never win anything I joined in. Imagine my surprise when I was away recently to get an email saying I was one of the chosen winners! I've been wanting these Julia Rothman prints (floral and fish) for a while, a couple of the others are from Heather's collection and two others mini florals by Michelle. I really like the unusual and slightly more grown up colourways of these ranges. Sometimes quilting fabrics can be a bit pastel, pink or bright for my taste so its a nice change to see some mustard and blacks, turquoise and deep reds. Anyway, not sure what I will sew with them but don't they look sweet all together. Thanks Cloud9!

Matching perfectly are the new growth on our baby photinia hedge and this new spotty graphic visitor to our garden (making a little nest) a pardalote. I managed to get my new 'bird' lens hooked on before he came back to get this action shot!

If you follow me on instagram, forgive the repeat of this little orange candle project, seen on pinterest and tried out last night. I love it, its so clever! The orange pith forms the wick and the peel a cup to hold oil, in this case olive oil. It takes a while to light but then burns for hours giving off a slightly orangey smell. I was so tickled with this clever little experiment.

You can even make a little cover as we did but as we found later you need to cut a little chimney at the top or the flame burns it. Link to the tutorial on my pinterest making board.


  1. Congratulations on your fabric win... how wonderful :)

    What a gorgeous little birdy! So sweet making a little nest... awww!

  2. Ooh amazing! I love Cloud9! And I'm so trying that orange candle!

  3. So much goodness in one post. Love your bird action shot, how cool! Looks like he might be sticking around if those twigs in his beak are anything to go by.
    Congrats on your lovely win. I had no idea Geninne had done fabric?!
    And love the candle idea - have to give it a go, love the smell of citrus. : )
    x Alisa

  4. Def going to try the orange candle...ta!
    Lovely fabrics...lucky you :-)

  5. That's so awesome! Fabric, bird and candle! :)


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