Thursday 9 August 2012

my creative space - pink and green

pink and greenpink and greenpink and greenpink and greenpink and greenpink and greenpink and green

I had a great time in my creative space this week, on Tuesday I had a sewing day with my friend Marg. We talked, we lunched, we chatted, we drank tea, and we even sewed a bit, just a bit! By the end of the day we'd made three pillowcases with my tutorial and some flower press fabrics. Our three daughters got one pillowslip each in these lovely spring colours. And they loved them.

I didn't get many photos of Marg's pillowcases but that's one of hers with the Bloom flowers, I made mine with the Trileaf pattern. And we both edged them with my Daisy dots fabric (back in stock, free postage!).

Kirsty is asking everyone for their tips for staying creative today.

One of the things that helps me stay creative is to try and keep a sketchbook handy, and take notes when inspiration strikes. I like to buy these cheap A5 sketch books and when those thoughts float across my mind I quickly jot them down before they disappear. I take down a motif or a pattern or write a list, draw a design, write myself a note. Sometimes I just doodle for a while and one thought leads to another.

When you leaf back through your sketch book you are reminded of those ideas and the ones that still inspire you slowly grow and improve and some of them, like this trileaf design which I found an original sketch for, become reality!

I'm looking forward to reading other peoples tips for creativity, are you sharing some today?


  1. Love the pillowcases, very pretty.

  2. I love green and pink together. Your pillow cases are lovely, and your sketch books are inspiring xx

  3. What lovely pillowcases! I love the combination of colors and fabrics. So sweet.

  4. The pillow cases are just gorgeous Susie.
    I love that you've been using your own fabric.
    And the sketchbook is a great idea.
    I always mean to but nebver do.
    I'll try harder. xx

  5. Man your sketchbooks are tidy :) I particularly like the leaf print you designed (on the pillowcase) - lovely!

  6. Sounds like a fun day, lucky girls too. : ) So lovely to see some snippets from your sketchbooks - It amazes me how feelings are also stored in sketchbooks even in images that would never hint at them.

  7. Hi :) Beautiful fabric design. I recently discover your blog from Plushka's Craft. I love the pillowcase design.. :)have a great week..xx

  8. I am in love with your pillowcases..chirpy and cheerful, just adore that fabric mix!


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