Thursday 25 October 2012

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marble kitmarble kitsmarble kitmarble kitsmarble kitmarble kitsmarble kit
I am so excited to be able to finally spill the beans about this project! These Marble Starter Kits are a collaboration between Alisa Coburn of Ink Caravan and I and we're really proud to share them at last!

It all started last year when Alisa bought a marble bag from the small run I sewed with my newly designed Marble fabrics. I blogged about the making of these small, calico lined, drawstring bags back then. The small batch proved very popular and was sold before it even made it into the shop.

Back then Alisa bought a bag for her daughters and was inspired to make some simple instructions to accompany them. I asked if she'd send me an image when she'd finished, I've said before how much I love Alisa's work, she was a featured Show & Teller this year, so I knew the instructions would be something special.

As you can see, not only are the instructions sweet, and simple, and fun to look at, Alisa has engineered them in a way as to make them durable and easily folded so that even the smallest hands can put them away safely between games. Such tricky folding, I still can't work out how she does it!

Even better just before she sent me the instructions she suggested a collaboration to make these small kits so we could share the marble love. I agreed in a heartbeat as these are just the lovely simple and handmade presents I love to give.

These handmade kits are a labour of love between Alisa and I. Each Marble Kit comes with bag, instructions, marbles and chalk so they are a complete kit and you don't have to chase around for the extras. They can go straight into your secret present cupboard and be brought out again at Christmas, for birthday parties, or for a great little holiday travel game bag that could also hold a pack of cards, some jacks, a pencil and notebook, a complete holiday kit in a bag.

The fabric is my original Marble design digitally printed on 100% Kona cotton. The bags are lined with durable calico and pulled tight with a cotton tape. Alisa's instructions are printed with her new high end pigment ink printer on specialty papers and then hand cut, folded and assembled.

These kits are available in my Etsy shop, and will also be in Alisa's Ink Caravan shop when it opens, (rumour has it that will be soon -I am already lined up at the front door peering through the window to see the treasures she has for sale)!

Thank you Alisa, its been so much fun making these kits with you, I've loved working together and bouncing ideas off each other and I'm so proud of what we've made. And its nice to share them at last.

We hope you love these kits as much as we do, they are in the shop now! I'm putting a whole bunch of new stuff in today which I'll blog about later but you can get a sneak peek now.

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  1. The marble kits are a lovely idea I'm sure they'll just fly off the virtual shelves of your shop!

  2. Wow... how absolutely gorgeous! What a great collaboration between the two of you! Love it!

  3. how exciting and perfect!
    {thanks for the love!}

  4. how freaking awesome !!!! im buying one for my son for christmas update i just brought one hehe }its gift's like this that i hope he will treasure for many years plus anything that gets him out side is great better then sitting in front of the tv or hugs xo

  5. i think i will be back to get the girls one too.well done ladies

  6. They are gorgeous! I bet they sell like hotcakes.

  7. These are just perfect christmas gifts. Love the retro feel to them and your fabric complements the kit perfectly. How exciting!

  8. Absolutely lovely! And so nice to see two of my favourite creators collaborate!

  9. A gorgeous idea, Susie. Bravo. I instantly thought of this when I first saw your fabric - I'm so pleased you've made it happen! Old school games are the best ☺. J x

  10. What a great idea and a wonderful collaboration!


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