Tuesday 30 October 2012

shop update

blockprint cushionsblockprint cushionsblockprint cushionsmarble kitsmarble kits

Some more bits in the Flower Press Shop.

Here are the blockprint cushions I printed way back here, these are all one-offs made from experimentation with my Prism block. I love the way they look backed with graphic black quilting cotton, so much so that you might remember that the first one lives on my sofa!

I've also listed some drawstring Lego bags. These little bags are perfect to keep track of all those little bits of Lego when out and about and like the Marble Kits would make a great little holiday play kit. 

Speaking of the Marble Kits, thank you all for your sweet comments and orders. Alisa and I were tickled that so many of you liked our retro Marble sets.

I've been skirt sewing today and after a frustrating morning fiddling with sizes and lost instructions I seem to have made myself a skirt that fits! I'm hoping to get it hemmed in time to share it on Thursday's creative space.


  1. Super makes! I love all the bright, fun colours! I think a lego bag is a fantastic idea!!!

  2. Love those cushions! I hate losing instructions... how frustrating! Glad you managed to make a skirt with out them :)

  3. Love the wares! I have been wondering if there was such a thing as Lego fabric, cos I want to make a drawstring play mat....is this your fabric from your shop also?


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