Thursday 4 October 2012



Its been a while... as usual the school holidays have swallowed me up and changed my routine for a couple of weeks. And as usual we packed our bags and set off together for a bit of adventure and a change of scene. Last week saw us out west again, staying with Mr F's lovely Mum, eating ourselves silly, taking in the beautiful spring blossom and bulbs, putting a coat of clay mix on his sister's straw bale project and picking up rocks by her country creek.

And whoosh, it's October. I'm hoping I can squeeze a bit of making into this last speedy part of the year. I did spend a little time tidying my creative space last week before we left so I'm hoping it will be quicker to get back to all that when I have time!


  1. Great pictures! Love the one with the parrot.

  2. How wonderful to get away and enjoy an adventure together! Great photos... love the sun shining through the first one... beautiful!

  3. Fab textural images! I felt like I could touch them through the screen. And 'swallow' is the perfect word for this entire year!! x


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