Thursday, 20 December 2012

a christmas present to you

xmas tagsxmas tagsxmas tagsxmas tagsxmas tagsxmas tagsflowerpress gift tags

The other day I got a beautiful surprise - a handprinted New Year's card from an online friend. One who lives far away on the wintry side of the world.

In my head I started composing a 'virtual' Christmas list, just supposing I was as thoughtful and organised as sweet Suzanne. It quickly started to become unweildy though as I added in all my favourite online friends.

So instead here's a small gift from me to you, a creative present of course! I made these Christmas illustrations a couple of weeks ago using cut paper and illustrator, it was fun and I quickly became obsessed and made a series. The perfectionist in me has been tweaking them in my spare time but now its time to push print!

If you're like me the last thing on your 'to do' list is often making gift tags and sticking them on  presents. Sometimes its even the night before, though usually I'm more organised. What I like about  print out tags is you can easily print more to match your other presents as needed, even last minute!

I've put these Christmas Gift Tags all together so they can be easily printed out on a colour printer on light card, either A4 or letter will fit them all in (same size or maybe smaller). I hope you like them! Download the pdf here (I hope!) and print them out for personal use as often as you want. No commercial use though please.
To see other creative christmas crafts look here.

I'm signing out of the blog till after Christmas, but I have a feeling Instagram is coming along for the roadtrip. (At least for now while we negotiate the new privacy rules.)

I wanted to thank all of you for reading, for sharing, for encouraging, for being inspired by my making (I love that!) and inspiring me, and for buying flower press stuff.

Happy holidays, I hope you get some long vacant stares into a beautiful horizon, a lunch or two that stretches long into the afternoon, a road trip with lots of sights and some new funny family legends, at least that's my wishlist!


  1. Happy holidays to you too and thank you for the tags! I will include them with a link in my newsletter tomorrow if that's ok:)

    Merry Christmas!!! x

  2. Great tags!

    Have a fabulous holiday and a very merry Christmas Susie!

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas and a great time away!

  4. I am so disappointed my printer is not working! These would have looked wonderful on my brown paper wrapped presnts (perhaps tied in gingham). Maybe I can sort out the printer problem in time?

  5. Merry Christmas Susie! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday break :)

    Love those gift cards too!

  6. These are so cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing! :-)

  7. These are gorgeous. I love the simple colour scheme, it makes them look lovely and retro-ish. Happy Christmas to you!


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