Sunday, 9 December 2012

handmade christmas giveaway

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Like most of you I try to avoid cheap, badly made junk at Christmas, things that will be enjoyed for a day and then discarded. Its harder with kids and so I was really happy this year to see my kids' christmas lists get shorter and more thoughtful.

Instead I love giving useful, beautiful and carefully made gifts that will be used and loved for a long time. I love to see my tea towels in people's kitchens, a print of mine framed in a child's room or my cushions resting on someone's couch. I love friends eating jam I made, cutting a plant I grew for them or (in the future!) washing with my handmade soap (and thank you for all the enthusiasm for my soap making, I think I may have inspired a few batches!).

I love to get handmade and I love to give it.

Another person who loves and promotes handmade is Christina Lowry. Christina made a rickrack ring which I wear every day, one of many handmade pieces around my house made by friends and makers around the world which I cherish.

Christina is running a lovely giveaway series on her blog this Christmas promoting Handmade giving - called the 12 Days of Christmas. Each day for 12 days she is featuring Handmade crafters and offering a chance to win some of their makings.

Today is Day Nine and its time to give away some Flower Press wares!! To win one unbleached 100% linen teatowel, screenprinted with my Filigree design in Tomato red and one of my A4 Ruby Slippers prints, on archival quality Epson paper, ready to slip into a frame for an original gift (or to keep for yourself!) head over to Christina's A Little Bird Told Me blog and leave a comment. Easy.

Let's promote handmade giving this Christmas.


  1. A worthwhile goal to gift handmade, Susie! I would be proud to display your work too.

  2. Hello! I'm so sorry I haven't popped by earlier. I received your lovely prize last week, your work is even more gorgeous in the flesh. I am on the lookout for a vintage frame for those ruby slippers, in my little girl's room. So beautiful, thank you very, very much. :)sarah


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