Tuesday, 11 December 2012

pinterest love

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I love Pinterest, do you? I use it for recording, bookmarking, research and discovery. I pin pretty things, clever things, funny things, colour schemes, books, patterns, clothes and fabrics.

I find it stores more than just images, it stores feelings and ideas. I store dreamy gardens, crafty projects, yummy food and I hoard beautiful pattern. Its a place to file a funny quote, a piece of wisdom, sewing inspiration, amazing landscapes, a mood, an inkling, a plan...

It helps me see the amazing beauty in our world.

Pinterest is often seen as a timewaster but I'm not sure its ever been that for me. While I pop in regularly I usually don't stay long, its a quick dose of inspiration and reference.

I love that each image is linked to its source. And rather than feeling it takes my images without attribution I've found that many people follow the links, so its given me a wider audience for my work, my images and my tutorials.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favourite boards with you guys (and I would love it too if you wanted to share your link or a favourite pin, pinner or board to help me find more pinterest treasure).

I've been trying to keep a note of inspiring and eclectic boards for the last while. Its a small list and to be honest I could add thousands more, and a lot of these pinners, well I love all their boards so while I've mentioned one board please have a look around.

And If you want to check out my pinterest, come and follow me at flowerpress

Melissa Wastney - Clear Blue or Grey

Alisa Coburn - Natural Forms

Daphne L's - Graphics, Prints and Textiles

Stephanie's - Folky board

Klaradyn K. - Dress details

Hansol Kim - diy/repurposed

Tamara N - Still Life

Scott Murphy - Abandoned

Mrs French - Fuzz, Feathers, Fur and whatnot

Janet Clare - A Field Guide


  1. Yeah ... pointless yet lovely = Pinterest

  2. I love Pinterest too, I've had an account for a while but haven't really used it much until recently. I think it is great for keeping all those inspirational images together in one place.

  3. I don't even have a Pinterst account -- with Ravelry, Google Reader, my own blog and emails, I don't need anything more to distract me! ;-)

  4. Gorgeous selection! I love Pinterest too - have just followed you :) Kx

  5. It's a bit addictive... It's such a great tool to hoard all of ones favourite images to drool over whenever you like! I love it! :)

  6. Pinterest is a great tool! It does help me with my work (I'm an illustrator) but unfortunately not all the images link back to their rightful owners. :(
    Anyway, you have an interesting collection there and a nice blog here! I'm glad I discovered it.


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