Monday, 17 May 2010

two for tea towels

Before Christmas I introduced a new product to the Flower Press shop, Tea Towels x Two, sets of two tea towels packaged together, at a discounted price. In my mind I've always thought of certain towels as being good partners and so it is very satisfying to put them together and see them travel off to a new home to live forever in coordinated bliss!

These were so popular that when I got new stock I made up a couple of new combinations.

The first of these is the Ocean set of the Filigree and Chrysanthemum patterns. The Filigree tea towel has always been a real favourite in this lovely deep blue and now I am printing the Chrysanthemum towel in the same colour it makes sense to put them together.  And this combination has been flying out the door!

Another two I've always loved together are the Chalk Filigree on Natural Linen paired with the vibrant pink Chrysanthemum towel. It makes me happy to see them with each other! A real garden party set.

Today was packaging day, I finally have new Flower Press labels to sew on my towels. Today was the first time I've sewn a lot of labels with my new sewing machine and it was a dream! There was absolutely no swearing at bunged up threads or unpicking, or broken cotton, regular features of packaging days with my old machine.

And while I was folding and wrapping and sewing I dreamed up a couple more combinations to put in the shop. The first is this graphic duet of white on black and black on white - a perfect match.  The second is this set of cotton Chrysanthemum towels - Bottle Green and Rose Pink. At just $19 these are a great bargain with the same great designs and quality as the linen towels. Keep one and give one away, the only problem will be choosing which one to part with!

I am in the process of editing pictures for tomorrow's Show & Tell, see you then.


  1. Absolutely yummylicious. If I could I'd take one in every colour! :-)

  2. beautiful! I love ythe navy and hot pink :)

  3. Black and white are my faves - but good lord woman! You make glorious tea towels!


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