Friday 14 May 2010

getting organisised

I'm often guilty of trying to do too many things at once. With the result that many things remain half finished or half started for too long. I get distracted and break off one thing to start another. Often I'll just get up to find a pen or get a phone call and that's it - I'm off doing something else till the next thing distracts me.

The internet doesn't help. I see all those superwomen doing so much fun stuff and think somehow I can fit it all in. There are so many tempting and inspiring projects!!

Sadly the result is that things don't get done. The boring stuff sits in the back of my mind pointing accusing fingers, and the fun projects aren't as much fun because I'm feeling guilty so I pick them up and put them down a million times. That's never going to completely change - its very much how I'm made - I like to be busy and I get excited about things and have to start them now! But, for the past couple of months I have been trying harder to focus and finish one (!?) thing at a time.

I'm wary of the shiny new system that takes lots of energy to set up and only lasts a week (been there done that - I used to have the most beautifully drawn and coloured study timetables around!). So I have done it quite minimally this time by simply trying harder to finish things. By doing one thing at a time. ONE THING AT A TIME TILL IT IS FINISHED. That's my new motto. Every Monday I transfer my to do list to the new week of my diary. And the list has everything on it good and bad. Having those things that you don't want to do reappearing each week has been a good prod to getting them crossed off. And doesn't it feel good to see them gone! The fun stuff is scheduled too so it gets its turn.

The bonus is more space in my brain and more completed projects. This week and last I've been working on my web pages and in the process updating my Dreamweaver skills with (web based tutorials for software programmes.) I've been tempted by many other things but I've stuck to it.

(Of course in between there has been a party invitation designed, two nine year olds taught  how to knit for school, biscuit recipes tested for a high school assignment, tea towels and fabric sent, lovely brother for dinner, dentist visits, sport, music, personal tax stuff sent, receipts and wages sorted for our other business... )

Most exciting though is Mr Flowerpress' finished project - this garden pond which I have wanted forever! It has a great edge you can sit on and watch the tadpoles swim by. Very zen. It needs more plants in it and some fish, and some plants around, but you get the idea.

I do hope your week has been productive too. And if you have any tips for getting organised please tell me.  I have a long way to go!

Sorry to have been missing from the blog but I will be back with a bang next week for the Show & Tell series. At the risk of repeating myself I'm really excited about this one - a blogger who has the most fantastic photos and words! I'm taking suggestions too for future interviewees if you feel like commenting or emailling about someone you're dying to know more about. Happy Weekend!

p.s. I've added a link to my email up there on the left to make it easier to contact me. Just don't share it with the lottery guys or the viagra people!


  1. A post to my liking. Distractions are always abundant - it is so hard to stay on track. I have no advise to give, although I am contemplating moving my computer away from the studio to make the time there more dedicated. The pond is beautiful! Email to come about our little trading project...

  2. I have similar problems! I don't have any advice, either... your idea of sticking to something till it's done does sound sensible.


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