Tuesday 4 May 2010


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For those of you who don't know it, madeit is an Australian online marketplace, similar to Etsy, but with all Australian sellers and currency. Just lately I've been selling a lot more through the Flower Press madeit store and spending a lot more time there browsing! I also subscribe to the regular madeit emails and each week there is something tempting that sends me exploring another wonderful madeit store, most of these images are taken from their regular Monday Must Haves mailer.

If you're Australian I think its really worth a look, its so nice to think in Australian dollars and postage is simpler and quicker buying locally. On the other hand I'm pretty sure that like me, some of the sellers are happy to send internationally so its a great place to find Aussie makers.
Another plus is its not so big as Etsy, so its easier to find specific stuff, unless of course you are like me and easily distracted!!

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  1. Curlypops just told me about your post . I have just posted a query on my blog about etsy and madeit .
    I'm off now to check out your shop , thanks .

  2. Thanks for the reminder - I've been very lazy with checking out MadeIt... must make time for this. All of these products are just gorgeous :) Kx


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