Monday 24 May 2010

pirate, flashy and fluoro

Sounds a bit like an eighties band but actually the names of some new friends to our gang, joining the fat tadpoles in our new pond this rainy Saturday afternoon.

The cold and rain saw us holed up at home with a hearty minestrone for dinner (based on Pip from Meet Me at Mike's recipe).  And the alfabeto pasta shapes meant we could write love letters in our dinner - 'i love soup'.

It was also the perfect weekend to start this knitting project, my first every baby knitting project. It's for a young friend's first baby, due this month. And its also my first go at cables, albeit baby cables. It seems all the nicest people are knitting hats this weekend, so I'm in good company :-)


  1. I just had a mild conniption at the notion of incorporating cables into another 'Boyfriend Hat'. Even though, I now know cables are the knitty equivalent to zips (the bark is worse than the bite), I reckon that would be enough to send me over the edge...

  2. he he he - love your love letter soup, and love your new budsies (and yes, they do sound like an eighties band - but that's great! ha ha). I hope you're having a fabulous week.... xo hugs, K.

  3. beautiful to have fish in the garden. Lovely to knit in winter, even better when it is for a wee one. Beautiful pictures as always x.

  4. The shot of your knitting is divine..

    enticing and warm...


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