Friday 7 May 2010

dog park knit

Imagine my delight when I spied this fantastic piece of guerilla knitting at my local dog park the other day. Luckily a tag on the bottom led me to grrl + dog's website and the lovely guerilla knitter Denise Litchfield, who has kindly let me use her photos. Check out her blog and flickr gallery for more wonderful knit pieces. (I love the fluffy yellow part in the middle of this one.)

Our local dog park is an amazing place, a cafe at one end called Cafe Bones serves chocolate chip bickies and mugs of chai to the human customers and liver garnished puppacinos to the pampered staffies, labradoodles, great danes and cattle dog clientele. Inner West Sydneysiders love their pooches and the park is always full of such a wonderful range of people and mutts. And on the whole they are all pretty well behaved :-)


  1. Your local dog park sounds like an amazing place to hand out - dog or no dog! These knits are so much fun.


  2. How fantastic! (and I didn't realise you were a fellow Inner-Westie. I don't know why but I thought you were in Melbourne.)

  3. Love these. I have yet to come across a bit of guerilla knit yet but I live in hope... such a wonderful thing. I know it's an old fashioned word but it's just joyous! :) Kx

  4. What a lovely find! I am so keen to do some guerilla crafting sometime!

  5. that's amazing! It looks all cosy wrapped up (^_^) We do something similar in the UK.. it's called the Craftermath :o) we knit door handle cosies & tree scarfs for people to find & keep :o)

    Chloe x

  6. I swear, that woman is my idol! Yellow fluff bit a veritable touch of genius.

  7. aww...


    So did you see the front page of the inner westie paper this week? pOOR OL CAFE bones is under threat!


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