Thursday 17 April 2008

Audrey rose

A while ago I posted a picture of what to me was a horticultural triumph, I managed to grow a rose seed.
Not such an easy task as it sounds you have to overwinter the seeds in the fridge to trick them into opening and this one is the only seed in 40 or so that I managed to deceive! In fact last year was the second time I'd tried it, the first time I also had one seed split and start to grow. I potted it carefully out, only to leave it baking in the sun one day and kill it.
With this seed I was much more careful and luckily my little plant has grown and flowered. Though the roses are hardly earth shattering they have a certain charm - the flowers are tiny and quite a lovely shade of pink with an orange tinge. The flowers are also quite long lived and stay on the plant shading to a pinkish red. And the plant has flowered three times this summer even though it is tiny. Another bonus is that each rose seed from hybrid roses is a unique hybrid, sort of like people. This is the only rose like this in the world and I have naming rights :-)

Apparently roses may get more petals the second year, but whatever happens, this plant has enough sentimental value that I'm keeping it and I love it.
And I said I would post a picture when it flowered so here it is.

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