Tuesday 15 April 2008

chrysanthemum gocco

I've been thinking about this print for ages - I first made the drawing last year. Originally I printed it out with my laser, playing around with colours and cardstocks.
I just loved it on this golden yellow card that I had some offcuts of and it seemed to really suit the image so, the other day I tracked the stock down and bought some in readiness. Another great bonus of this card is that it is 100% recycled, acid free and has a great handmade look with random flecks of blue and brown.
Then I just waited till I had time and space to print. Which of course never happened!
So the other day, late in the afternoon I grabbed the bull by the horns and pulled out my gocco, cleared a space and printed the white layer. I love the way this makes the black stand out. The only problem is that white is the hardest ink colour to use, in my experience. It fades out once it dries and this time it seemed to be quite thick and wouldn't print evenly.
Eventually I got enough prints made, I had to pump the Gocco a few times each print to make sure I had even coverage. Sometimes I think you have to vary your printing style to suit the screen.
The next evening, same thing, about 5pm I cleared our dining table and printed the black screen. This time the exposure was perfect and the black ink a breeze to use. I printed a few different colourways. Next time I print this design I think I might vary the first colour, play around with some pinks and greens and print on white card.

Anyway I'm really happy with my happy Chrysanthemums, they make me smile with their little arms out wide, doing a happy dance. I've framed this print and I'm going to hang it near my desk, when I get time!

This print will go up on the Etsy shop later today.

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