Wednesday 9 April 2008

physalis alkekengi

Bought this plant on Ebay a while ago, I think the common name is Chinese Lantern. The flowers are tiny and inconsequential but then it produces these great orange pods which disintegrate slowly to a filigree cage for the bright orange fruit. Hard not to take a good photo of them but I really like this pic and the great bokeh background. Bokeh is a new word in my vocabulary, learnt on Flickr :-) It means that great out of focus part of the photo and there are many Flickr groups dedicated to lovers of this effect like me.
Actually I think there is a group on Flickr for everybody. I could spend hours browsing around and always leave inspired.
This plant is meant to be quite invasive so I have kept it in a pot, I am tempted though to let it out for a season and see how it goes.

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  1. I love these pods. I walk the streets in my area each autumn and look for the ones that are shaped most like love hearts. A beautiful image.


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