Wednesday 23 July 2008

ink and spindle

Congratulations to Lara from Kirin & co, Bianca from Hollabee and Tegan on their exciting new venture, ink & spindle a fabric printing enterprise with gorgeous new studio space in Melbourne.
What a wonderful new business idea, lets wish them plenty of success ahead.
Visit their new blog to leave them some encouragement and read about their adventures so far.

It is great news too for all of us aspiring independent textile designers here in Australia. And I especially love their ideas for environmentally friendly printing and fabrics. Anyone who knows their work knows the beautiful fabrics and colours they use already.

I will be watching their progress with great interest. I've already joined the mailing list on their site to keep updated as things happen.

Good luck to ink & spindle!!


  1. Heee, thanks so much!!! I'm so happy to read that everyone loves the idea - even more motivating :)

  2. My pleasure :-) I think it's a great adventure!!

  3. Thanks for the blog post :) it's definitely an exciting adventure and it's great to read all the supporting comments. Thanks!


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