Monday 21 July 2008


Just outside the window from my desk is this beautiful Magnolia tree which is in full flower now. It is a relative newcomer to the garden. Like most of our plants it dates from after we bought this house three years ago. Originally the only plants in the small front garden were lawn and a large Camellia tree. The lawn has gone but the Camellia stayed, and I've come to love it. It attracts lots of little birds all year round and especially when its flowering. I can watch them through my window, close enough to touch.
I think the Magnolia is the cultivar 'Star Wars'. I'm not sure I like the flowers as much as the common old Magnolia soulangiana which has smaller but darker pink flowers. This tree does have really lovely leaves though, a lighter limier green than the usual and a wonderful round shape. And they shade the window in summer.

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