Thursday 24 July 2008

Sneak Peek!

I hinted the other day about new things turning up at the end of the week (for the giveaway). Well I picked up my new tea towel order from the screenprinters today!! I've had the Filigree and Chrysanthemum designs printed in a few new colours and introduced new UNBLEACHED linen tea towels too. I really really love these unbleached ones. This photo shows one printed with the Filigree design in red. Hopefully I can get some better pics to do them justice when it stops raining!

I had been dithering since my screenprinting course about what colours and designs to print, and then once I'd decided I had to find a printer, which was difficult because they are mostly set up for t-shirts round here.
Then I had to overthink it all and worry a bit!
In the end I got a couple of orders for the blue Filigree tea towel and was mercifully forced into action.

Anyway, its grey and miserable here today, and so I can't take proper photos. And there is one design still to pick up from the printers. Come back soon and I will post them all and will finally have the promised giveaway - I thought people could comment to say which is their favourite and I'll pick someone at random to win that tea towel and some other bits.


Thank you for dropping by and commenting :-)