Friday 2 April 2010

two four one

My clever brother realised the day J and D were born that their birthdate made a neat observation on our luck at getting a 'two for one' deal on babies that day (in Australia its written 2/4/01). And it still comes in handy to remember the date when I'm filling out forms :-)
We feel very blessed to have these two delightful boys in our lives. And even their big sister is pretty happy about it most of the time. Miss A was only three when she suddenly got not one but two baby brothers hogging all the attention. Though I must say as much energy and love was expended making sure she never felt left out as there was showering our little newborns in cuddles. We just gave up on sleep instead!

The last couple of years the boys have been in different classes. That way they get their own teacher and don't have to share their stories, days, parent teacher interviews.
It does mean though on their birthday that there are rather more cupcakes to bake. We made 61 this year (to include their teachers). It took three cake packets, three borrowed muffin trays and double icing quantities. And then a lot of tupperware to get it up to school! Worth it though. The baby marshmallows were a last minute thought but they tasted so nice, sort of fudgy on top of the cake. Mr D had yellow and Mr J requested blue.
Happy Birthday darling boys!

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  1. So lovely to find out more about your family. Just love the bulk batch of beautiful cupcakes!


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