Tuesday 28 June 2011

my swap brooch!

my brooch
my brooch swap bootiemy brooch swap bootie
my brooch swap bootieBird Houses / 20071230.10D.46705 / SML
In all the excitement and organisation of the Brooch Swap I sort of forgot that I was part of it, and that I'd be getting a brooch too, so when my partner Jenny emailled that she'd sent my brooch it was a nice surprise. That was a while ago, Jenny's in Scotland so my little parcel has had to fight its way through ash clouds and queues to get to me. It arrived today though, and wow, was it worth the wait!

The photos speak for themselves, how wonderful is this brooch, and the wall hanging that Jenny has included. I just think she's so clever! Inspired by this photo from my Flickr favourites (at bottom) the little bird house brooch sits on the most wonderful applique hanging with a beautifully detailed tree trunk and bright pink blossoms. "Subirdia" as Jenny calls it, amazing!

Even better, along with so many of you Jenny says that the swap has inspired lots of creative "goodness" in her work. To see more of her wonderful creativity go and visit her blog and keep an eye on her Etsy shop for more wonderful pieces that you can make your own.

Thank you too Jenny for taking on swapping with the organiser of said swap. We all know that's an extra level of pressure!

And no, I haven't forgotten the montage post, I'm just waiting for a few more brooches to find their way to their new homes, slowed by postal strikes and ash clouds and other such things. Thanks for your patience.


  1. That is just so gorgeous! A special home for your brooch when you're not using it - I love that idea. At first I thought the wall hanging was part of the brooch (so hard to judge size on blogs - sorry!) You must be thrilled Susie... it's just gorgeous :)

    p.s. still waiting for my brooch - so excited :)

  2. Oh lucky you! I love Jenny's work, particularly her stitched creations, that tree hanging is gorgeous.
    Though I don't envy the pressure she must have felt sending to the host!

  3. im with Colette Love Jennys work!! Lucky you !! the brooch is just AMAZING! and all the gorgrous things .
    ps i recieved mine today too.

  4. I love this - something really different!

    (mine hasn't arrived yet - must be having a slow journey!)

  5. Wowee how gorgeous is that wall hanging? Love it!

  6. Such a gorgeous brooch! I love it!
    Nic xo

  7. What an amazing package! I just spent a good 20 minutes browsing Jenny's blog and shop with all their creativity and loveliness!

  8. An amazing and creative idea..beautiful too!

  9. Wow, look at all that lovely detail. Gotta love a teeny tiny birdhouse.

  10. How sweet - so much detail.

  11. Oh yes this is just adorable and all the little extras! Wow! I'm off to have a look at her blog and shop now:) Still waiting patiently for my brooch too. Must be coming a long way perhaps and is held up with that dreaded ash cloud. Maybe today...

  12. Oh I'm so glad you like the little birdie and its accompanying home!
    And thankyou SO much for your amazingly kind words and links to my shop and blog!..I'm actually blushing! You really have made my day :)xx

  13. What a gorgeous brooch!!!

    This looks like such an awesome swap, I'd love to join in next time..

    Jodie :)

  14. awww... how adorable it that little brooch!! SO so beautiful! :)

  15. How lucky are you. The brooch and wall hanging- what a good idea, beautiful to wear and to display.


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