Saturday 11 June 2011

facebook page

After a bit of encouragement I've just sat down to finally set up a facebook page for Flower Press.

Being a business page I'm not sure if I can have actual facebook friends (does anyone know?) but I do know that other people can 'like' Flower Press, so if you are passing my way and drop by I would love it if you would do just that. I have no likes and no friends yet so come and be the first (please)!

In return I'm planning a fabulous giveaway for all my lovely likers next week! I can't tell you just what yet but it has something to do with this.

While I'm at it I've joined Pinterest too. A bit mad but I've watched as lots of bloggers rave about this site over the past few months. I'm just hoping it doesn't swallow too much time but is a way to bookmark the wonderful things I come across on the net. So far I'm collecting my favourite botanic, vintage fabric, wallpaper, books, art, type and of course brooch inspiration on different boards! A great way to get a better idea of what you like and your style I think.

If you are pinteresting, or facebooking I'd love it if you leave your links in the comments so I can come and say hi!

Thanks to all the brooch swappers sharing their amazing work. The list will remain up for a good while yet, so keep adding your links and checking back to see what others are making.


  1. I've just Liked your lovely FB page.
    I have a FB page here:
    but, I'm banning myself from joining pinterest. I already waste way too much time online. I'd never get anything done!

  2. Just followed you on both! xox

  3. Just liked your facebook page. My facebook page is I'm still learning how to use facebook effectively as a page. My Pinterest page is here
    I love Pinterest! It does take up time but its fun and inspiring and a great way to show what you like.

  4. I've been on Pinterest for awhile, I love it!

  5. I've just popped over to your facebook page too..I've been so curious about pintrest, I must check it out, although more time on the computer could be a bit of a trap..


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