Thursday 9 June 2011

my creative space - hottie challenge

finished hottie
My creative space this week has been consumed with finishing  my hottie challenge cover.

This cover would be a great scrap buster project and was the perfect way to play with my red polka dot collection and some flower press offcuts. I've put together a little how-to of the lettered panel below which gives measurements for anyone who wants a hot-hot-hottie of their own. The letters are made simply with strips of patterned fabric all the same 1¼ inch width filled with linen strips which are cut in two widths, 1½ or 1¾ inches. Cut all your lengths first and then follow the cutting guide to quickly cut them down for the pieces.  Click on the image to see it larger.

I then made up each letter following the order below, sewed the letters together to make the word HOT, pressing seams towards the linen side.
I then sewed the three HOTs together. I like the roughness of my way but of course you could easily make it all more precise with some pins and more careful pressing and sewing, or perhaps sewing the strips vertically.

If anyone has questions about the construction of the rest just email me. Basically its a simple sandwich of front, lining and back opening pieces sewn right sides in. The back is two overlapping pieces with the top one innermost and edged with patterned binding. Sew around the side and bottom edges, leaving a space at the top for the hottie lid. Turn the cover right sides out through the back flaps and sew a simple binding around the lid opening.

hottie tute

I'll be putting up another linky list tomorrow for everyone who wants to share their brooch making. It will be up for a while so you can keep adding. We have a long weekend here this week and top of my list is making my brooch!

p.s. I'm sitting here on the couch with a croaky boy dressed in flannelette pyjamas snuggled up against me, smelling faintly of butter menthols and blackcurrant medicine :-)

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  1. Oh Susie, it's beautiful! What a fabulous hottie and wonderful tute too. Hope your boy feels better soon. Are you feeling better now too? Kx

  2. Love it - such a pretty hottie cover.

  3. I'm loving the crisp, clean lines of this vibrant red hottie bag! Georgeous. I hope your son is well very soon again!

  4. oh my just gorgeous!! you have inspired me to try one of these i think my girls would love one.i just love the vibrant color.

    aww bless hope your boy feels better soon.

  5. Very cute! The colour is hot hot hot!! :)

  6. I LOVE that! Fantastic colours & fabrics. I hope your little one is on the mend nice & quick..

  7. That looks fantastic, I love the colour combination. Cute little trim across the back too.

  8. Wow so cool!
    It's most definitely HOT HOT HOT

  9. Oh I love your version of the Hottie!!Well done!
    Hope you are all better...
    Sandrine x

  10. One of my favorite combinations -reds and linen. And love the word play:) Cyndy

  11. Absolutely lovely! I love the way that you have finished the back as well. I might just steal that idea!

  12. That's lovely and I like the words - very appropriate!!

  13. It's gorgeous! As is your blog...just lovely x


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