Thursday, 13 September 2012

my creative space - prism cushion


Making something with my Prism and Star block printed fabrics has been top of my To Do list for too long. I finally bought some new black quilting cotton yesterday to back them with and got to work on this cushion.

I've been sewing for my shop update and Spring Sale but made the mistake of putting this cushion on my couch to take a picture. Mr F now has designs on it and I must admit I love the way it looks there!

A couple of people have asked me about sewing with invisible zips and so this time I took some photos as I went along so I could write up an illustrated tutorial for these simple cushions. I've given some hints on sewing with the zips before, a couple of years ago, but I think a detailed tute would be a nice thing to share. Rather than being the scary things that so many people fear, I find invisible zips more simple than regular zips. Just make sure you invest in an invisible zipper foot because you need one to sew them properly.

p.s. excuse the crumples, I'd take another photo but its very grey here today.


  1. I agree - inviszips are super easy, but unimaginable without the proper foot ;) So lovely to see your print made up into a cushion - we are having a *snap* moment - I made up mine into a cushion too :) It looks divine... I don't blame you for hanging onto it. Kx

  2. Mmmmm! I would have to agree with Mr F...looks good'd better make another one for the shop!

  3. I'm totally with Mr F too, it's gorgeous!! i definitely think you should make another one for the shop .

  4. That print is gorgeous as a cushion!

  5. Love this cushion... it's gorgeous and don't blame Mr F at all :)
    I was a little scared of invisble zips... but no more! I have been sewing them without a zipper foot quite succesfully but after reading your post I bought one... I am sure it will make sewing invisible zippers even easier! :)

  6. It looks magnificent as a cushion! I can see why your family wants it to stay on the couch :)

  7. Your cushion is fab, no wonder you want to keep it!

  8. Great cushion, love the fabric. Yes I agree with the invisible zippers, I always use them for cushions too.


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