Monday, 17 September 2012



What a busy weekend!

Friday night was a parents' cocktail party up at school to celebrate the School's 125th birthday. The first photo shows part of the amazing artwork produced for the Anniversary, a collage of the school and all its students, drawn by the kids. The party was lots of fun with fantastic catering, decorating, djing, lighting, bar and even a smoke machine organised by our clever parents.

It was with a slightly fuzzy head that Mr F started the day early Saturday with the kids for a new season of little athletics at 8.30. I caught up with them later and we all regrouped for four hours up at the local park bandstand for Music in the Park from our high school girl and her friends and schoolmates.

Don't you love the mosh pit of tiny people hanging off the front of the stage drawn by the wonderful music. All the bands and choirs were excellent and it was lovely family day catching up with all the families from our other school while lying on a blanket listening to music.

Sunday was soccer presentation day spent with yet another community, our wonderful local soccer club.

By the time we made it home to collapse I was exhausted, but feeling very lucky to have such wonderful, interesting and involved people in my family's lives. We are part of a big friendly, supportive community, who luckily don't mind a laugh, a dance, good food, music and friends!

I did mean to pop in here earlier to remind you about this month's Show & Tell!! She is someone else interested in community, family and sharing ideas. She's also madly creative and has inspired me for many years with her skills and creativity.

So please do make it back here to find out more about her tomorrow.


  1. It does sound a bit crazy-busy but life with kids can do that to you!

  2. Parents cocktail party sounds fun, what a weekend!


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