Thursday 6 September 2012



I love these two recent treasuries which feature flowerpress wares. Such beautiful springlike colour schemes and coincidentally they go together beautifully. The first 'storm in a teacup' was made by Grace Gladdish, one of my favourite instagrammers (gladdish). Grace has a newish online shop called trees4thewood. She lives on a flower farm in Tasmania and has the most picturesque landscapes and ethereal sunsets on her instagram feed.

The second treasury, 'its a bit cloudy' is by Lamina who I had the fun of meeting in person recently. Lamina has just opened an Etsy shop called doabit like her blog. I was so excited when she gifted me this beautiful zip purse as I've loved this pattern since she first printed it. I was reminded of it today when my new Camellia bloomed, they look a bit similar I think!


  1. Congrats on being part of such pretty treasuries Susie
    I love Graces instagrams too...her etsy shop is lovely....thankyou

  2. I'm so glad you love your zip purse, Susie :) Your right it does look a lot like your Camellia bloom! What a beautiful flower :)

  3. Oh how exciting to be picked, the selection is particularly lovely. I'm a sucker for clouds, they are happy to me, not rain filled mood spoilers. Love Posie


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