Saturday 22 September 2012



I've had my Mum staying this week, its been so nice. She got to come to the boys' performing arts concert and see them dance. On Thursday, a beautiful spring day, we all played hooky and had lunch in the Botanic Gardens among the trees and flowers with the dramatic backdrop of the city behind and glimpses of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House through the leaves. From the top you can see down to Woolloomooloo and the big warships and cranes and wharf, and watch the busy harbour in all its glory.

Highlights in the Gardens were age old giant figs, windy paths through rare plants, checking out the big eels in the duck pond and the Spring Walk which had an avenue of blossom trees underplanted with huge tulips. The only negative was all the sacred ibis hanging round the cafe trying to steal people's lunch!

Sadly Mum had to go back on Friday, it was just a flying visit. I consoled myself after I'd dropped her at the airport by stopping in at Remnants Warehouse and taking advantage of their two for one FQ deal on Fridays. These fabrics were $1 or $2.50 after the discount - a fun and guiltfree way to add to the quilting stash. I also got some (more!) zips for my collection and some lovely denim for cushion backs.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun couple of days!

    Wish I lived closer to the Remnant Warehouse - driving across the city from the far western suburbs for some fat quarters isn't fun!

  2. The weather has been amazing hey! No wonder you all played hooky! Love the botanical gardens, definately the best place to go on such a beautiful day :)

  3. loving all those dots
    the botanical gardens sounds right up my alley

  4. Oh so lovely! It truly is the best of Sydney, what a great way to spend the day. I love Remnant Warehouse, it is impossible to leave that place empty handed. I certainly never managed it. :-)


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