Wednesday 29 May 2013

An old favourite

favouritefavouritefiligree tea towelfiligree tea towel

I've been running around in circles this week!

I have some new fabrics I'm hoping to share but wanted to finish a little sewing project before I do.

So I got the fabrics cut out, found all the notions, pinned it together, but then... I couldn't find the zipper feet for my sewing machine, anywhere!

Hmm, it slowly came back to me, I put both my zipper feet somewhere 'safe' after taking them over to a friend's house. They were in my pocket and I distinctly remember taking them out and stashing them. Somewhere safe!

I'll spare you the two days of looking everywhere. The frustration of searching and not finding. Two days which turned into a long overdue reorganisation of all my many boxes of craft and make and stash.

After a while I started to enjoy the process of getting things organised. It felt good to be sorting the piles I'd made rushing through other projects. I've been meaning to sort them for a long time and it gave me time to think, to slow down and appreciate all I have previously done.

At one point I had a pile on the table of all my old and new fabrics together, and it made me very happy to see them together. It gave me a sense of achievement I'd been lacking.

And just as I settled to the task and gave up on those feet, they turned up.

My big reorganisation turned up some stock of this favourite tea towel, the Chalk filigree design. Folding and packaging led to an improptu photography session, and grabbing some simple props turned up those wayward feet - sitting innocently in a bowl on the sideboard!

Isn't it always the way that when you stop looking you find what you're searching for, when you stop stressing about what you haven't done you have time to see what you have.

Filigree tea towels in the Etsy shop.


  1. That's my favourite of your tea towels - so pretty. And I can totally relate to the lost zipper-foot frustration, that happens here much too often.

  2. I'm with that tea towel - a fave.

    A few months ago, I lost my 21st birthday present that my folks got me. I searched and searched, flipped thos place upside down...lost hope and then Maddie found it 4 months later under my bed (which I looked under many times).

    needless to say...I was thrilled x

  3. I enjoyed and identified with your story. A good clean out is a great by-product of loosing something :-)
    The Chalk Filigree is a really beautiful refind!

  4. Love that gorgeous (would never guess looking at it that it was impromptu) top shot! Sounds like it turned out to be a very productive week after all. There are times when the sorting out of the past can really help you fly forward. xx Alisa

    1. I love this white onlinen, gorgeous. I get so frustrated when I cannot find something that I have out somewhere "safe"!!!

  5. I put things in "safe" places all too often also, drives me crazy. But a good tidy up is so good for the soul, and yours was no exception.

  6. This print is beautiful, so natural against the fabric. I hate losing stuff, but its great when it makes you tidy up!


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