Wednesday 15 May 2013

the week that was

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I've been meaning to get back here all week to blog, but you know how it is. Here is some of what's been distracting me, fun stuff!

• Taught the first of my Stamp Carving workshops at SewMakeCreate on Saturday. It was fun! I gathered all my stamps together in preparation the other day and loved how they looked together. My students were so sweet, and it was great inspiring others to creative pursuits.

Before the class I bought some new stamp pads to play with (any excuse!) And then I couldn't resist personalising the cutting tools with a bit of my new washi tape. Don't they look sweet.

• The weekend before that I sewed this big batch of new marble bags. It is great to have Marble Kits back in the shop. These make such sweet handmade gifts.

• On Sunday I was especially spoilt for Mother's Day. Each of my cards was lovingly handmade and I was given some really thoughtful presents, including these new serious, big scissors for fabric cutting, researched and bought by my lovely Mr with help from the ladies at Spotlight. Master J said he loves me more than the size of Jupiter (they are studying the solar system this term) and provided a helpful diagram on the back of his card!


  1. Sounds like a very good weekend!

  2. Looks like a great time! :-)

  3. I love love love that photo of your hand carved stamps. How awesome to be teaching classes. I'll bet you were wonderful! Glad you had a lovely Mothers day. It's nice to get an extra bit of spoiling by the family. :)

  4. 'you > jupiter' is just precious, best card I've seen in ages!


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