Friday 3 May 2013



I've been meaning to come back and post these extra photos of our trip down south. It seems a long time ago now, but I wanted to have a record here on my blog of our week in that magic place.

I love Ms A's collage of the corners of this sweet house, trapped in time, just the way we like it! Check out too the amazing queen sized flannelette doona cover and pillowslips I thrifted. They were virtually unused. I'm just worried now that I won't be able to get out of bed when they're on!

Happy weekend peoples. I am back next week with some new things (about time I hear you say!). Some stuff I have been working towards for a while now. I'm really looking forward to sharing it with you.


  1. What atmospheric photos! Beautiful!

  2. I am inspired by your ocean pics..fascinated by the jigsaw and totally envious of your thrifted sheets...have a great weekend Susie!

  3. Wow! That first shot is absolutely stunning Susie! Can't wait till next week. : )

  4. Some gorgeous photos of our stunning coast!

  5. Hi Susie, Just a quick note to say that because I find your work and your blog so inspiring I couldn't help nominating you for an award.
    I’ve just spent this afternoon compiling a new blog post in reply to being nominated for the Liebster award, and part of that is ‘paying forward’ the appreciation. You are very much appreciated!! And it would be so nice to hear a little bit more about you especially since you are so generous to others. Please whizz over to Ink Caravan to find out all the lovely details.
    Thanks again
    Thinking of you!
    Alisa xx


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