Monday 20 May 2013


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When I am working on something I tend to lock myself away and retreat into my thoughts. I like the quiet and being able to give single minded attention to the project I'm obsessed with.

Other times I love the social. I love to chat and gossip and laugh and natter and share. I think it feeds me and keeps me sane and happy.

I need both sides and luckily they seem to find their own rhythm.

This past week has been a social one, three lunches out, a workshop to teach, two functions Saturday night and a soccer game yesterday. I've loved every minute of it.

I caught up with bloggers this week, and it confirmed my belief that they are as wonderful in real life as they are on their blogs. I love being able to have those particular bloggy conversations where you talk about shared inspiration, community, blogging, design, fabric, craft, magazines, life and the internet! And never have to explain what you're talking about or who's who!

It always proves to me what other non bloggy people doubt, that you can have online friendships that are as strong and true as those you share with people in your everyday. And that there are some amazing, clever, funny, talented people doing their thing in blogland.

Thank you Kidspot for inviting me to the Voices of 2013 launch. It was fun to get frocked up and celebrate the amazing local bloggers we have. I just wish I could have made the masterclass and had more time to catch up with the out of town peeps who were here.

Thank you to my workshop students and Melissa at SewMakeCreate for a fun couple of weeks. I've really enjoyed teaching, and sharing the art of stamp carving with others. We printed on fabric yesterday and I was so delighted when all the students turned up with new pieces carved and all inspired to make. If you're interested there is another class starting next month.

Thank you to our soccer and netball families, you make me laugh with your one eyed enthusiasm. Its nice to share the sidelines with the old faces and the new, shouting our teams on to greater heights and discussing tactics from the security of the non players section!

Thank you too to all my lunch pals, especially Tuyen for whipping up home made pho, and Jo (bubala) for gifting me one of your beautiful neon print pouches.

I love my social weeks, I don't get anything done, but it fuels me for the more introspective weeks where I wouldn't leave the house at all if I could wangle it!

Are you a socialite? Or do you like the quiet one on one and getting things done?


  1. Oh same as you - social for the fueling and laughs and shared love, then quiet for the hard work and the doing and making.
    I know what you mean about blog friends. I think that non-bloggers can't ever know what wonderfulness they're missing out on. And to be able to refer to bloggy friends as their blog / IG / Nick name is like talking about super stars!
    Happy quiet week this week, if it happens.

  2. Yes, I'm the same too. I love retreating into my den where I can play and sort out and make up and can create and I don't want to be interrupted by anyone. In those moments I love being alone. But when I come out of this phase I start phoning and think up meals for the people I want to invite and I answer my mails. And I am so happy to be able to live both. And although I don't have a blog I love to read them (especially yours!) and take part in what's going on.It's just so much fun. Greetings from Germany.

  3. My eldest son and I need more down Time then social, A time to unwind and unfurl get our thoughts in order. I was looking at the broach swap. - did that even go to an annual thing?


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