Friday, 3 April 2009


These earrings below right were a present from D, for Mother's Day last year. I just love them, despite the fact I don't have pierced ears, or any other Gold or Skull accessories! They are tres glamorous don't you think, and I just love the idea that he thought I'd love them. They are not part of the giveaway!!!

With Mother's Day coming soon I thought it would be a nice idea to have a Mother's Day Giveaway. My last one was to commemorate my 100th sale and I am at 270 sales as of this morning! Just leave a comment and tell me why you love your mum, or a funny story, or tell me about a gift you've given her. I will announce a winner next Friday evening, my time.

The Winner will get a TEA TOWEL (of their choice), a LOVE card for their Mum, and a RUBY SLIPPERS card (just for them).

And for those of you who miss out I will be having a Mother's Day Sale starting soon so you can send your mum a designer tea towel and show her how much you love her.

My poor mum, her birthday is on the 6th May. Sooo, well she never really got any Mother's Day presents. Sort of like those poor people whose birthdays are so near Christmas.
This year though she'll have me :-) I'm flying up to be with her for her birthday (its a big one with a nought on the end) and staying through till Mother's Day. The only sad thing is that I won't have my kids with me. It will be my first Mother's Day without them, and you can tell how sentimental I am by the fact that I got a lump in my throat typing that.


  1. Oh how lovely of you!

    I love my mum because she's generous with her time and energy and always has time for a cuppa and a chat. She's a true carer and is incredibly humble about everything she does.

  2. What a great giveaway. When I was about 10, my best friend a few houses down the block, her parents were getting divorced. It was nasty for here to go through. My parents were also friends with her parents so it was weird. Well, in trying to decide where she wanted to live, she decided she wanted to live with us and my mother took her in like her own daughter. It was only temporary as my fickle friend decided she wanted to live with her divorced aunt and her older girl cousins, but I love my mom because she always opens her heart and home to everyone and still does to this day!

  3. Great idea!

    I love my Mum because she works so hard looking after my Dad who is ill. She has just come back from a trip abroad with her girlfriends and enjoyed the break but was worrying about Dad all the time (he was perfectly fine!).

    If things work out the way I hope they will, I will build my Mum and Dad a house. It won't be in time for Mother's Day but it might be in time for Christmas. I'm sure she won't mind!

  4. Ooooh -I'm totally getting in on this one!

    I just spent about two hours on the phone with my Mum today - after about ten years of living interstate from my family, it's so good to be able to get on the phone and have a big old chatter on about everything. I think the thing I loved the most about our relationship was when I finally stopped seeing her as just my Mum, but as a woman in her own right. Our friendship has blossomed so much since then.....

    I hope you have a brilliant Mother's Day to, even though you will be away from your babes!

    Leah xxx

  5. I love my mom because she is so kind and generous. She is a first grade teacher and like a mother to her students as well, so in addition to her three daughters, she also has about 19 "adopted" children each year.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Thank you everyone, every comment left has made me smile. Aren't mums great!

  7. I love my Mother because of her independence and thankfully she passed it on to me.
    Theresa N

  8. I love my mom because she is cheerful, comforting, always interested in what I am doing and my no 1 fan!

  9. Your screenprint designs are lovely :)

    I look up to my Mom something fierce...she's a pioneer in her field, and was one of the first females to be really successful - her college teacher told her that she didn't need a Master's, because she would get married and have children, not work. When she had me (at home!), she only got five weeks off. But she never quit, and now travels the world as a well-respected consultant.

    Not only that, but she promised herself I wouldn't get the lacking motherly advice that she did (which consisted of, no sex 'til you're married, keep your mouth shut and marry a decent man). As a result, I have an unbreakable bond with her and have more respect for my own gender when she reminisces about the hardships she went through. Moms rule! And so do you, happy early Mother's day, I'm sure you'll have plenty more.

  10. It took me 32 years to realise how much my mum loved me!

    It wasn't until I had my own little ones that I was finally able to understand and appreciate a mother's completely unconditional love for her child/children.

    So....I love my mum for being so patient with me!

    Happy Mothers Day everyone!

  11. Thanks for the opportunity! I love my mum for a whole host of reasons, but what I really marvel at is that she had the bravery and big heart to marry a widower (my dad) with a 4 year old little girl (me)and love me like I was her own. I still remember the shock of unwittingly making her cry when they were dating and I crawled up into her lap and asked, "will you be my mommy?"

  12. Tafe, that story choked me up!!

    My poor Mum just got out of hospital yesterday after a big operation. Before she left she was moved to the same ward her Mum was in when she died, with the same doctor (who was lovely). When you are sick, there is no one on earth like your Mum so I know she was missing her terribly. I'm so glad she is home.

    Have a great holiday with your Mum and try not to miss your little ones too much.

  13. I love my momma (my mother in law) because when my real mom got herself addicted to prescription pain killers after a car accident and I was a teenager I could have went so many different ways from all of the anger I was keeping inside, but my then boyfriends (now husbands) mom took me under her wing and gave me a female adult to talk to whenever I needed it and taught me a whole new prospective on love and life. She's the kindest person I know.

    Thanks for the oppertunity :)

  14. I love my mom because she shows me that with determination, patience and a little planning, you can do whatever you put your mind to. I am constantly in awe of the things my mother manages to accomplish!

  15. I love my Mum! I inherited her creative streak, her big brown eyes, dimples, high cheek bones and ability to place piles of craft/art/quilting magazines in strategic places all around the house.

    Thank you for the chance to win some of your beautiful pieces.

    x Catherine


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