Friday, 24 April 2009

greasemonkey + etsy hacks = heaven

Today on the Etsy forums I came across a thread talking about the Greasemonkey and Etsy Hacks and how fantastic they are. I'd never heard of either. After a bit of investigation though I worked out Greasemonkey is an add-on for the wonderful Firefox browser (if you don't use this download it now! though they are adapting these to work with other browsers) which runs scripts (bits of personalised programming that automate lots of separate tasks).

Etsy Hacks are purpose written scripts that you can install once you are running Greasemonkey and this is the exciting part - these 'hacks' add great useability to Etsy. They do things you've been dying for them to introduce for ages and some you hadn't even thought of. And they are very easy to install and use.

Some of the Hacks I've added already are: copy a listing rather than starting a new one from scratch (hooray!), edit a listing with drop down menus from the item page (takes you quickly to the right page too!); buyer info which gives you links to email and convos and feedback; a script that lets you add all item tags in one go; searchable sold pages (you can look up a buyer or an item in milliseconds)...

I won't go on, needless to say I'm really excited about these tools. If you are an Etsy Seller they will be invaluable. They will save you heaps of time and stress. For example I've been meaning to list all my Cotton Tea Towels but the idea of generating new item listings for each style has meant I've put it off for ages. With the copy listing and tag adding apps I can do it really quickly. Another hack lets you upload five photos at once. Bliss!!!

The other nice thing about Etsy Hacks is that the commands are integrated seamlessly into the Etsy format. Commands are listed neatly at the side. For a designer like me that makes them perfect!


  1. This sounds great, just going to investigate now.

  2. Cool! I'm going to check it too! Thanks so much.

  3. Thanks Jesse, Dee and Heather, I hope they make life much easier for you too!


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