Sunday, 19 April 2009


I've done it! I finally ordered some fabric from Spoonflower today — fat quarters of the two designs above, the turquoise spots I showed before and a new simple woven ribbons pattern which I dreamed up yesterday, literally, it came to me as I woke up :-)
They share a limited colour palette, chosen from 'in gamut' colours on the downloadable Illustrator palette available from Spoonflower here. The designs were drawn in Illustrator which made it easier to get everything exact and I found a great tutorial for making pattern repeats in Illustrator which makes it easy to preview your repeats and make sure they work (important that!)
Once I get my samples safely back (and make sure they work!) I'm going to post my own simple tutorial which will share the technical aspects of preparing a design repeat in Illustrator and saving it in Photoshop to meet the Spoonflower specifications. It took me a while to work it all out and I'd like to share what I learnt along the way.
And now I have the technical stuff clear in my brain I'm looking forward to preparing some new patterns that I've been playing with. I really want to make my Chrysanthemums design into a repeat, using the fabulous blue colour of my tea towel prints.

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