Thursday, 16 April 2009


I've been trying to make a terrarium for a while. My first attempt survived a while but didn't thrive like I wanted. And the moss I could find for it was limited to pieces found in cracks in the pavement and damp spots of the garden - city moss :-)
On my bush walks at Easter I found a couple of more interesting mosses and collected them to bring home. I also took some charcoal from our campfire.

A bit or reading online has led me to this layering of elements. First a layer of pebbles to drain the excess water; a layer of charcoal to filter the water; some guaze to keep the soil from muddying the water (I used interfacing); sandy soil for good drainage (seed raising mix); moss and lichen; beautiful mini ceramic mushrooms from mudpuppy. And watered not with tap water but rain water.

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  1. These are lovely. Those little red headed mushrooms look like the ones I saw in story books when small.


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