Thursday 29 January 2009

aranzi aronzo

I had an email today from Jessica at Vertical Press who publish Aranzi Aronzo, and apparently there is more Aranzi Aronzo goodness, ten books translated to English. This is what she says:
I came across your blog and read the excerpt about the book. I'm glad you
liked it!
One thing though, that is not their first English translation! We have ten
books by them! The Cute book is the first one, you can create mascots, the
Bad book is comics with those evil mascots, they also have four more craft
books -- Cute Dolls, Fun Dolls, and in two weeks Baby Stuff. (and Cute
Stuff). Then there's four comic books featuring games stories and fun
stuff with all their characters, Aranzi Machine Guns, three volumes and
then The Complete Aranzi Hour.
They have it on amazon so you can get it easily. Hope that helps, just in
case your niece needs more!
So there you go! Thanks Jessica.

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