Saturday 24 January 2009

hot, hot, hot

My neighbour just told me that the thermometer on his back porch says its 43˚ (109˚F)!
Last night it was 26˚ (nearly 80˚F) at 1am. It's been a hot week and every day it has seemed to get hotter.

Luckily the kids have had swimming lessons at the local pool every afternoon. We aren't venturing out today though.We are locked inside with all the doors and windows shut and fans blowing and it isn't too, too bad. They are saying we have a cool change this afternoon. Fingers crossed! I am going to the Opera House tonight to see Madame Butterfly :-) My friend's cousin is singing one of the main roles so it will be doubly exciting.

Last night I got round to making these dumplings from my new favourite blog, Cooking with Joy. We all sat down and wrapped them (from the instructional video on the post). It was fun, (though our results weren't quite so neat!) but in the end it didn't matter, and they were delicious! Really, better than shop bought. I love Japanese Gyoza and I think these are virtually the same. We tried them boiled and fried/steamed. They were fantastic both ways and especially with this dumpling sauce from our local Asian grocer.

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