Friday 30 January 2009


I keep hearing and seeing snippets about the new film Coraline. Have you seen the trailer for this animated movie. I just love the look of this beautiful handmade film, very graphic.
Here is a sneek peak from YouTube of some of the making of this film. My daughter and I are dying to see it, though it says online that Australia won't get it till April :-(

Also see the minature knitting lady (found via Abigail Percy) and the Create a Flower (above) flash site.


  1. You should see what the filmmakers did for promos on this movie! They sent 50 one-of-a-kind handmade boxes with things from the movie inside to popular bloggers so they'd blog about the movie. The boxes are amazing, and they each contain things from the movie that relate to that person's blog. If you do a google search and type in Coraline Boxes, you will see them all. They are amazing!

  2. Oh thanks for that, aren't they amazing!


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