Sunday 25 January 2009

featured :-)

Another wonderful surprise in a fantastic week, today I had lots of views and guessed I must have been on Etsy's front page, Featsy, agreed with me (great new tool that tells you if you're featured on the front page or gift guides).
Well my front page turned up in Flickr and I was delighted to see it was an Etsy pick from Storque under Spotlight, more detective work and look what I found, this wonderful story from the fantastic SusyJack (oh dear, a new blog for my long reading list). This article is really worth reading. It talks about choosing a decorating style.

Here's a pic from Flickr Front Pagers

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in another wonderful front page treasury called Earth Tones. Just adore that lichen pincushion. Thanks kittymeowmeow!


  1. Great coverage. It must be because you make great products!!

  2. Wonderful to see your beautiful work in so many different places:)


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