Saturday 17 January 2009


Every year we go camping with family and friends, lots of them! We camp at a national park with limited sites and a 20m walk from your tent to the beach. It is bliss!

The best things about camping at the beach:
1. Having a swim before breakfast. Quietly floating over the waves by yourself as the sun rises.
2. Cocktail hour as the sun sets.
3. Catching up with family. Time to talk around the lamplight, eat together, beach together.
4. Simple pleasures - lying on the beach, snorkelling around the rocks, doing the cryptic crossword with others or playing cards after dinner.
5. Awards night, lots of laughs, prizes given for fishing, fashion and the coveted 'Happy Camper' award.

The best things about getting home:
1. The greeting you get from the dog when you pick her up from dogsitting friends (who spoil her rotten). I think she always worries we won't come back :-)
2. Sleeping in your own bed, clean sheets and no sand!
3. Having a long hot shower and washing your hair, clean towels and no sand!
4. Simple pleasures - the fridge, electricity, computer, internet, email, plumbing, washing machine!
5. Watering the garden and seeing how it has grown.


  1. What a lovely post - I can relate to all of that. We have the same family ritual at Easter - & can't wait. Do you go to the same spot each year?

  2. Oh, have fun won't you :-)
    We camp in the little town where my in laws lived for many years. So we're sort of locals!


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