Sunday, 31 May 2009


I just love craft cult and its heartomatic features, and I love the new redesign. There's something fascinating about all those viewing and hearting statistics, and its a good way to see when you're getting some buzz, the viewing numbers suddenly start to move fast.

The one thing though I've always wished it could do is this: search Etsy's treasuries for me and tell me if I'm in them. Craftopolis not only does this, it links to the treasury and in another feature estimates how soon a space in the two treasuries will open up, the main one and treasurywest.

Oh and it also tells you if you feature in a gift guide. I never seem to make it into them though, but this certainly makes it a million times easier to check. Quick! Go and see if you're in a treasury now :-)


Thank you for dropping by and commenting :-)