Monday, 18 May 2009

yardage printing

Last Wednesday night I dragged J along with me to an "Openhaus" at Screenhaus screenprinters. Steve from Screenhaus sent me an invitation last month to come to one of their new open nights:

"... designed for designers, production managers, cutters, makers, upholsterers and students - we aim to open the door for anyone interested in printing yardage - showing everything from design, film, screens to actual print demonstrations."

It was really interesting, we got to see most of the process including the actual printing at the end (sorry about the photo quality, taken on my phone). Steve and others were really nice and approachable and answered every question. And we got a goody bag at the end.

This is one of the only places in Sydney left where small players can get yardage printed. And if you are interested in attending (they had wine and sushi!) it is a really interesting night. I recommend it. (And J was fascinated, he loved it :-)

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  1. That looks unbelievable. We have some wonderful screen printers in our town. It's on my wish list of things to do. Thanks for the photos.


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