Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Home, eventually, after a delayed flight, a bit of turbulence and 15 minutes in a holding pattern. Aaaagh, get me off this plane I just want to see my people!
I haven't talked much about it here, but last September my Dad had a massive stroke, he's in care still and my Mum is driving every day from her rural property to visit him. She and my Dad have been amazing - strong and brave in the face of such tragedy. And so have my brother and sister, I am so proud of my family.

So that's why I went up there, on my own, and its thanks to my beautiful husband that I can go and help (this was my third solo trip since the stroke).

J keeps it all together and manages the family, the dog and the crazy business while I'm away (not Flower Press, that other crazy business that earns our living). And he does it cheerfully.

I came home last night to a clean house, flowers by my bed and pea and pumpkin risotto with home made chicken stock. Isn't he special!


  1. best wishes for you, your Dad, your family x

  2. Best wishes to your dad and your whole family. And the clean house and the flowers and the food - wow! Very special.


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