Wednesday, 13 May 2009


My printed fabric arrived yesterday from Spoonflower (after a minor hiccup, quickly and happily corrected - originally they sent me swatches instead of fat quarters).

The blue on the first batch, the swatches, was a bit faded and I was worried about my colours. The lovely Stephen was kind enough to include a printed colour palette swatch with these for future reference. I needn't have worried though because when the quarters came they were perfect. All the colours printed true as you can see if you compare them with the artwork below (which actually looks more faded here than in photoshop!).

So, next week, as promised, I'll post a tutorial on how to prepare artwork for Spoonflower specifications. Its actually quite simple once you get your head around it and how much fun - seeing your own work as fabric! Speaking of which tomorrow I'll tell you about last night's visit to Screenhaus, a local fabric screenprinter's open house. Really interesting. Hopefully I've got a couple of dodgy photos on my phone.


  1. Hey - so happy to see that you had success! I really love your colors and the plaid is so sweet! Thanks for the peek.

  2. Too gorgeous! Love the interwoven stripes!


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