Tuesday, 19 May 2009

front page

I used to think when things went quiet in my Etsy shop that I would never sell another thing! I was very lucky early on, I was featured on Decor8 and the front page of Etsy in my first fortnight. What a thrill! When all that attention went away I was sure I'd fluked my 15 minutes of fame and shouldn't expect another sale ever.

By now I'm used to the rhythms of selling, and I quite appreciate the ebb and flow that seems to go with online life. I like the sudden bursts of attention, they are always a delightful surprise. For example I love the thrill of turning to Etsy's front page and seeing one of my images styled so beautifully with other fabulous things. Or reading a blog and seeing some praise of my little wares.

But I also savour the quiet times now I know they won't last forever. I like the time to catch my breath and make plans for the future, stock up on packaging, order new labels and do all my other jobs.

How do you other Etsy/online sellers feel, do you like the changes in tempo?

p.s. Three front pages this month, two this week. All beautiful, and all lovely surprises!

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