Friday 30 April 2010

freshly found

A little while ago I saw these handmade candle jar covers on the always inspiring blog Freshly Found. I am always delighted by Denise's crafting, she reuses and repurposes with such flair and imagination and humour. (And she's a real sweetie too.)
I asked her if I could buy two of them, and she sent these to me, unfortunately the Peanut Butter jars they are made for were too heavy for the trip from South Africa but I find they fit a range of my extensive jar collection just as well (love a good jar!).
The other night I put some tea lights in the jars and lit them up. And you can see for yourself how beautiful they are, and what a perfect light they throw. The crochet is exquisite, and different on each.
What a simple but clever idea!
Visit Denise's blog how she has transformed bottles and bowls with the same technique. While you're there see her paper folding, and her cushion covers, and her sari bags and necklaces. Or go to her new online shop Freshly Found boutique and get something beautiful for yourself (like the wonderful beaded bag below). I can't see the covers listed but I'm sure if you emailled her...


  1. They are lovely, great little stashbusters too!

  2. I so love the candle jar covers. It makes me want to have those and put them beside my bathtub. Cool. Did I just had a wonderful idea? LOL. Seriously, those are lovely jar covers.

  3. They really are beautiful!


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